Building Inspections
When considering any commercial or residential property investment in our Cairns region you need to eliminate the uncertainty and get a professional and unbiased pre-purchase building inspection.
Providing real peace of mind before you take ownership

Thanks to our professional team, All Round Building and Pest Inspections will undertake a comprehensive internal and external examination of the property.

Our building inspectors will thoroughly examine the overall structure and condition of the property and perform inspections on both external and internal walls and roofs, under the property (if applicable) and around the exterior.

Internally an inspection is carried out on the ceilings, floors and all wall cavities. Our inspection will then continue the outside to identify any defects in your fencing, driveways, garden sheds and other exterior buildings.

We will provide you with a detailed report outlining any issues, defects or potential worries within the report so you are fully aware of the property's condition and can avoid any uncertainties.

Consider our impressive pre-purchase checklist

From the moment you sign your conditional contract you need to arrange a pre-purchase examination of your future investment to ensure years of problem free ownership.

  • Pre-purchase visual inspection
  • Examination of all relevant building codes
  • Inspect all walls, roof cavities, roofs and drainage
  • Thorough considerations to all pole home requirements
  • Identify any rotting roof trusses
  • Check entire roof area for leakage
  • Internal checks for any water ingress
  • Perimeter fencing

Our inspections conform to the Australian Standards AS 4349.1, and our qualified and fully licensed inspectors will provide you with quality advice and expert opinion in terms you can understand.


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